FIFO Life: When time stands still….

It was a warm summers evening, things were just normal, except there was a sense of urgency in the air. An urgency to make everything stop, to make the hours of this evening stop ticking by. In the morning we would be facing a whole new normal, the first day of this new adventure of being a FIFO bound family. But for right now, we were trying to put that to the back of our thoughts. For right now we would concentrate on this moment.

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FIFO Life: Top Five Products for FIFO Kids…

I love online shopping.

I’m serious.

Sometimes when I miss a parcel being dropped off and they leave a card, its like that Christmas morning surprise anticipation when I head to the post office to pick it up.The convenience of online shopping when you’re a FIFO mum is the best, you can almost get anything online these days, and so when a few months ago Mr FIFO husband’s absence was becoming that little bit too much for our little fifo kid, I turned to the internet.

I am not joking when I tell you that I typed into Google “stuff to help kids with fifo” .It didn’t turn up too many helpful results, there were a lot of suggestions on ways to help them deal with the changes, but I was looking for something more. So after a few months of searching, and connecting with some gorgeous other FIFO wives and mums. I have found five products that I completely recommend for any other mamas out there like me searching for ‘stuff’ to help kids with being a FIFO Kid.


1.  My Fifo Family Calendar

2015 My Fifo Family Calendar by My Fifo Family (image courtesy of

The My Fifo Family Calendar by My Fifo Family is my top must have for a FIFO family. It is a visual representation of the time between when Fifo Dad (or mum) is away and when he will be home. It has special stickers that the child can place on each day to indicate fly in days, fly out days, working days, calling days, and other special events that help to keep the family connected. In our home Mr Four puts a check next to the days as they go by and is then able to count the days down until daddy is home. Click here to view product site. Continue reading “FIFO Life: Top Five Products for FIFO Kids…”

Don’t spoil your kids…


A few weeks ago we took our sons to a beach lookout near our home and watched the sun set. Their dad pretended to point out whales and sharks in the ocean for our Mr Four while the baby sat intently observing the waves crashing on the shore. We both looked at each other and talked about how lucky we were to live in such a beautiful place, and how fortunate we were to be able to raise our children here.

Like most parents we want to give our children as many opportunities and experiences in life that we can, we want to instil wholesome values in them and try and raise them to be respectful, kind, loving people. But what if we fail. What if we are doing everything completely wrong, what if the way we think it should be done is the wrong way? and what if we make all the wrong choices?.

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FIFO Life: Why I sent my husband away…

Today Mr Four pointing to our world globe asked me where his daddy was. After a few spins, and a few guesses of here, and here and a few answers of “no son” that’s Russia, or that’s Switzerland, or that’s Ethiopia, we finally found where his daddy was. Placing a gold star over his daddies ‘work place’ he then asked me why daddy had to go away for a long, long, long time?.  I knew he would ask me one day, and I thought It would be a few more months down the track, so that I could think of a more kid friendly, understandable answer. But I told him the truth. Sometimes we have to have a little bit of hard, to have a lot of easy.  I don’t think he really got it, and I don’t think it really altered his day, but it got me thinking. Why did I send your daddy away?

Three months ago, my husband sat quietly in the car staring at his children in the rear view mirror as we took our first long drive to our first airport drop off. We tried to keep the conversation light, and talk to our four year old about all the fun things we would do when daddy got home, but in the end Mr Four and the baby were both fast asleep at the very moment that my husband had to say goodbye.  I watched as he kissed both of their heads with tiny beads of his own tears dropping on their cheeks. At that moment I thought the same thing. Why am I sending your daddy away?

When I married my husband years ago we were over the moon, crazy in love. We only wanted to be with one another, we didn’t care about anything else and only had time for each other. Seven years, two children, a world of responsibilities and a very hectic lifestyle later has meant that has had to change.

2014 Iphone photos 042

If you had told me on my wedding day all those years ago, that one day I would be living by myself with our two children almost 90% of the time, while my husband worked hundreds of miles away and we would only spend 84days of 365days a year with each other I would have told you where to go.  But that is our reality, and it is the reality for so many other mothers and families that I know – it has some what become a new normal.

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