FIFO Life: When time stands still….

It was a warm summers evening, things were just normal, except there was a sense of urgency in the air. An urgency to make everything stop, to make the hours of this evening stop ticking by. In the morning we would be facing a whole new normal, the first day of this new adventure of being a FIFO bound family. But for right now, we were trying to put that to the back of our thoughts. For right now we would concentrate on this moment.

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Motherhood: Life’s little ripples…..

My mother has recently been talking to me a lot about Ripple effects.

Ripple effects with friends and family, at church, or at work; and how one decision, one choice or one moment can have a ripple effect to something else.  This morning as I sit here, I think about the events of the past few weeks and months that rippled its way to the events of the past 24hours. Sometimes the ripples we make are small and we don’t notice them until we see the end result, sometimes the ripples are more like waves crashing down.

Water ripples

Well my ripples, my choices made one giant wave yesterday. One I won’t forget for a long time.  To understand why I made the decisions I made yesterday, lets go back a few weeks. To where the ripples really began. Continue reading “Motherhood: Life’s little ripples…..”