FIFO Life: Top Five Products for FIFO Kids…

I love online shopping.

I’m serious.

Sometimes when I miss a parcel being dropped off and they leave a card, its like that Christmas morning surprise anticipation when I head to the post office to pick it up.The convenience of online shopping when you’re a FIFO mum is the best, you can almost get anything online these days, and so when a few months ago Mr FIFO husband’s absence was becoming that little bit too much for our little fifo kid, I turned to the internet.

I am not joking when I tell you that I typed into Google “stuff to help kids with fifo” .It didn’t turn up too many helpful results, there were a lot of suggestions on ways to help them deal with the changes, but I was looking for something more. So after a few months of searching, and connecting with some gorgeous other FIFO wives and mums. I have found five products that I completely recommend for any other mamas out there like me searching for ‘stuff’ to help kids with being a FIFO Kid.


1.  My Fifo Family Calendar

2015 My Fifo Family Calendar by My Fifo Family (image courtesy of

The My Fifo Family Calendar by My Fifo Family is my top must have for a FIFO family. It is a visual representation of the time between when Fifo Dad (or mum) is away and when he will be home. It has special stickers that the child can place on each day to indicate fly in days, fly out days, working days, calling days, and other special events that help to keep the family connected. In our home Mr Four puts a check next to the days as they go by and is then able to count the days down until daddy is home. Click here to view product site. Continue reading “FIFO Life: Top Five Products for FIFO Kids…”