FIFO Life: My daddy isn’t here…

fifo life

It was far too quiet.

I’m always careful about quiet in my house, it usually means that someone is up to something.  I know this from experience.

Once my then two year old had allowed me to read too much of my magazine uninterrupted before I found he had decided to flood the bathroom by filling up the basin and washing his teddy bear with his dads toothbrush. Today I half expected to find something similar.

I knew the baby was asleep, so I wasn’t worried about him, but mr four, well he has abilities these days, and sometimes I underestimate those abilities.  Creeping around the house I thought I could catch him in the act, but Instead I see him sitting at the front door. He seemed content, so I decided to leave him and carry on.

A load of washing, dishes and some vaccuming later I notice he is still there, sitting and watching each car as it goes by. Turning off the vacuum, I sat down next to him and asked him what he was doing. A beautiful smile came across his face and he said ‘waiting for daddy’. My heart sank.
‘Daddy won’t be home for a few more days son’.  Tiny little tears of disappointment dropped down his cheeks and he put his face in his lap and said ‘but you told me he would be home soon!’.


This is one of the struggles of doing fifo, fifo with young children. Children that don’t quite grasp the concept of time, grasp the concept of weeks or days or what soon really means.  This isn’t a once off moment, it probably happens at least once a stint. This doesn’t just affect Mr Four though, my now one year old currently thinks his uncles who are sporting similarly well groomed beards as Mr Fifo husband are his dad. He will crawl over to them, tug at their legs and cuddle into their shoulders.

So why would I share this?

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Don’t spoil your kids…


A few weeks ago we took our sons to a beach lookout near our home and watched the sun set. Their dad pretended to point out whales and sharks in the ocean for our Mr Four while the baby sat intently observing the waves crashing on the shore. We both looked at each other and talked about how lucky we were to live in such a beautiful place, and how fortunate we were to be able to raise our children here.

Like most parents we want to give our children as many opportunities and experiences in life that we can, we want to instil wholesome values in them and try and raise them to be respectful, kind, loving people. But what if we fail. What if we are doing everything completely wrong, what if the way we think it should be done is the wrong way? and what if we make all the wrong choices?.

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Motherhood: Life’s little ripples…..

My mother has recently been talking to me a lot about Ripple effects.

Ripple effects with friends and family, at church, or at work; and how one decision, one choice or one moment can have a ripple effect to something else.  This morning as I sit here, I think about the events of the past few weeks and months that rippled its way to the events of the past 24hours. Sometimes the ripples we make are small and we don’t notice them until we see the end result, sometimes the ripples are more like waves crashing down.

Water ripples

Well my ripples, my choices made one giant wave yesterday. One I won’t forget for a long time.  To understand why I made the decisions I made yesterday, lets go back a few weeks. To where the ripples really began. Continue reading “Motherhood: Life’s little ripples…..”

FIFO & Motherhood: In Five minutes…


Twenty eight days ago I became a solo parent.

My amazing husband left.

And you’re probably thinking if he is so amazing why did he leave you?

Okay, so no he didn’t really leave me, and yes we are still crazily madly in love and happily married. But he physically left, for 4weeks, and left me alone with our 4year old and our 6month old.

He became one of those husbands. A FIFO husband. Me, I became a FIFO wife, and our kids, well they became FIFO children.

It has been an adventure. And one of the hugest learning experiences of my life. So here goes. BLOG TIME.

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