FIFO Life: When time stands still….

It was a warm summers evening, things were just normal, except there was a sense of urgency in the air. An urgency to make everything stop, to make the hours of this evening stop ticking by. In the morning we would be facing a whole new normal, the first day of this new adventure of being a FIFO bound family. But for right now, we were trying to put that to the back of our thoughts. For right now we would concentrate on this moment.

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FIFO & Motherhood: In Five minutes…


Twenty eight days ago I became a solo parent.

My amazing husband left.

And you’re probably thinking if he is so amazing why did he leave you?

Okay, so no he didn’t really leave me, and yes we are still crazily madly in love and happily married. But he physically left, for 4weeks, and left me alone with our 4year old and our 6month old.

He became one of those husbands. A FIFO husband. Me, I became a FIFO wife, and our kids, well they became FIFO children.

It has been an adventure. And one of the hugest learning experiences of my life. So here goes. BLOG TIME.

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