Stuff we Love: The best kids scooter in town..

We were recently asked to review the MYFree 4n1 and the MYTOO Fix Scooters by Globber, as a mother of two boys who love to be constantly on the move we were more than happy to give these scooters a bit of a run around.

The boys were ecstatic when the boxes arrived in the mail, and I was so glad that the assembly for both was very quick and easy AND I could do it myself!

With their dad away long periods of time for work, there was no way they would have had the patience to wait for him to put them together if it had required anything more than an Allen key to assemble.





The MYTOO Fix scooter which is designed for children from 5years on was the first two wheeled scooter Dwight (5) had ever tried, so I was quite surprised at how quick he was able to confidently get the hang of it. The structure of the scooter is well built and feels very solid which is great as we all know these things get quite a good knock around. We took it to the skate park for a trial run, and Dwight instantly loved it, the wheels rolled smoothly down the hills, it has a non-slip foam deck and a pretty sturdy brake at the back. Dwight gave it a 9 out of 10, I’m not sure why he didn’t give it a 10, maybe because it didn’t come in Hulk Green?


MYFREE 4n1 by Globber

4-in-1-MY-FREE-Dark-Blue-297x445The second scooter, the MYFREE 4n1 was the one I was really excited to try as I had never seen a scooter/ride on designed for children as young as 12 months like that before. We first tried it in the scooter mode, and it was the perfect size and height for Iverson (20months). At first he was a little un-steady due to the swivel in the wheels, but after I locked the wheels into place with the very cool steering lock on the deck he was able to ride it with ease.  The MYFREE 4n1 has a shorter handle, which was perfect for Iverson to be able to reach the handle bars as well as be able to reach the ground to push himself along.

Being a 4n1, it also came with a seat and two different sized seat poles. Adjusting between each mode was quick and easy, just pressing the red button and the pieces easily clicked in and out. Iverson was a little tall for the shortest seat height (pole length), but it would have been perfect for him a few months back. The taller pole allowed him to scoot around like a balance bike, and by adding the scooter handle pole and extending it to full length I was able to push him along.

One of the best features of this scooter is that as Iverson grows and becomes more confident, the scooter can adapt and change with him. Dwight was even able to ride it confidently in scooter mode with the handle heightened, so I definitely feel it is a cost effective purchase.


The MYFREE 4n1 retails for $160AUD (including shipping), it comes in Dark Blue or Pink and is a great scooter/ride on for the very littlest of riders.

The MYTOO Fix retails for $125AUD (including shipping), it comes in four different combinations of colours and is a great scooter to move onto from a three wheeler scooter.

For all our readers we have an exclusive discount code for 10% off.

Just enter the code ‘Moon’ at the checkout!!

Click here to go to the Globber website.

Have Fun!.






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