Grateful for FIFO…

A Season for Gratitude.


Am I allowed to be grateful my husband works FIFO?

Lately I’ve felt as though maybe as a FIFO wife you are not suppose too. That maybe its a bad thing to say doing this is OK?

But the truth is I am grateful.

I am grateful because my husband has a good job, he earns a good wage, he supports our family, he allows me to not work very much and he helps others who are less fortunate than ourselves. In this world we live in, where there are thousands of people who are struggling to make ends meet, I am grateful for all that we have.

I write this because today I sat on the floor next to my children, talking to my husband on the phone watching our youngest show of his newly acquired dance moves and felt nothing but blessed.

Would I love for my husband to be home?. Yes. Would I love for him to currently have a contract closer to home?. Sure. Is missing each other terrible? Without a doubt. Do the kids suffer from not having their dad home all the time?. Off course. Are there people out there in worse situations than me?. Totally.

I was asked recently how we make this work. How we keep going?

This is how.

We both try to think about the good parts of all of this, think about what the positives are.

Sometimes I can’t.

Someday’s I sit on the kitchen floor with my head in my hands and think “I can’t do this”. During the long nights when the baby has screamed for hours do I wish the other parent was there to relieve the burden?. One hundred percent. Do I sometimes message my husband and tell him this is all too much?. Certainly.

But I am grateful.

I am grateful while he is doing FIFO, and I will be grateful if and when he doesn’t. I am grateful for the opportunity’s that we have, and grateful for the time that we do spend together. I am grateful for a supportive family who lend a hand wherever they can. I am grateful that we are able to get phone coverage where he is and I am grateful we can talk to him everyday.

Do I  collapse in his arms after four weeks of looking after his energetic boys and wish he would never leave again?. Every single time. Does money replace family time?. Never. Do I worry about the fatigue on his body, of weeks of night shift, and long days? All the time. Do I miss him at family events and celebrations? We all do.

But I am grateful. I am blessed, I am thankful, and I am happy that my husband works FIFO.

Because the gratitude is how we make it through.

One day I will be grateful for something different, but today, right now, while our children are fast asleep in soft beds, with full bellies after an adventurous day, and my husband is far away somewhere working hard, I am grateful for what we have.

And what we have right now is this.

The FIFO life.



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